Vikings of Valhalla

I have always loved viking films, series and video games. There’s just something cool about the genre and the atmosphere. Brutal violence combined with intricate mythos and medieval fantasy. RuneQuest was one of my favourite role playing games and Banner Saga and King of the Dragon Pass some of my favourite video games. I don’t know how many times I watched the 13th Warrior back in the day! “Vem skall bli den fjerde man?” ah, so good!

It was natural for me to try and create an epic viking themed tune myself, and I decided to call it Valhalla. Hope you enjoy it!

Few more viking themed music links are in order:

Austin Wintory is a true genius and his work on the Banner Saga series is just mind blowing stuff.

King of the Dragon Pass soundtrack by Stan Lepard is also one of the magnum opuses of viking music.

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