Epic music


Sometimes pure celtic music is just not enough. It usually offers mellow and beautiful background atmosphere and in some situations one is craving for more intense and inspiring sound. Epic music is the right choice! Such artists as Two Steps From Hell or Audiomachine and other trailer music artists really know how to bring that cinematic modern Hollywood sound to life! Another favourite of mine is once again Celestial Aeon Project who knows how to combine the more melodic and beautiful side of things with the epic elements. The Journey Begins album for example really makes you feel like you are on a steampunk airship riding through the skies!

https://celticmusicvideos.com/epicmusic manages to combine together excellent epic music video mixes – definitely recommend to check out what they have to offer!


Celtic music videos


This is one of the best celtic music video sites I’ve run onto. It has a wonderful collection of good background music mixes that focus on the celtic music / fantasy music / rpg music or similar instrumental beautiful new age with atmospheres that take you to the magical realm of ancient medieval magic. Artists such as Brunuhville, Adrian von Ziegler and Peter Gundry have made this genre really popular and newer artists like Celestial Aeon Project have really honed that style to perfection.

If you are looking for new celtic music to listen to or background music for role playing game sessions I recommend checking out what https://celticmusicvideos.com has to offer!

The beautiful sound of celtic harp

There is just something about the sound of the celtic harp that makes you dream and sends you to the magical realm of faeries and ancient beauty. Celestial Aeon Project brings it on again with this 30 minute long mix of beautiful celtic music / fantasy music that focuses on the sound of harp. Perfect choice for relaxation or just dreaming. In spirit of Adrian von Ziegler, Brunuhville and Derek & Brandon Fiechter

30 minutes of beautiful celtic music


Celestial Aeon Project never ceases to amaze me – they constantly manage to combine that magical ethereal new age sound with harmonies and melodies that really take you on a journey – journey to the magical realm of fantasy, elves and celtic beauty. This is one of the mixes that really makes you feel that awe and wonder of faery tales. Celtic music at it’s best!

Adrian von Ziegler

Adrian von Ziegler is one of those artists that don’t really need introductions. His channel https://www.youtube.com/user/AdrianvonZiegler  has gained massive popularity on Youtube especially when you think how small niche category his music revolves around. Very rare non-pop artists can get such a big numbers with fantasy music / celtic music style. He in many ways has “trodden the path” that rest of fantasy artists try to follow. His style combines nordic / viking themed influences with traditional celtic new age sounds and most of his tunes balance between ambience and more melodic content. Definitely an artist to check out if you haven’t already!

If Adrian’s works are already well known to you and have been wondering what other artists might be good fit if you crave for more, I personally recommend Celestial Aeon Project – finnish fantasy music / celtic music project of Matti Paalanen. His style is very evocative, inspiring and beautiful in much similar way as Adrian’s music. Take a listen to this collection for example:

1 hour of celtic fantasy music – Magic of the elves


Celestial Aeon Project never fails to amaze me. Here they are back with one of the most gorgeous celtic music videos I’ve heard in a while. Combining layers of beautiful celtic harp, kantele, lute guitar and ethereal female vocals, they manage to create an intricate folk sound that takes you to the magical elven woods and realm of fantasy and magic. Much like such artists as Adrian von Ziegler, Brunuhville and Fiechter brothers. This is celtic music at it’s best.

Best emotional celtic music / fairy music?

Faeries / fae / fairies are one of those elements that really define the fantasy literature and fantasy genre. Who hasn’t seen pictures or images of those small flying children with wings in their back? Ever since Peter Pan the concept of faery has been one of the most vivid images in the minds of every children who enjoy listening to the tales of fantasy and magic.

I personally have also always loved music that manages to describe and define the realm of faeries just with sound and atmosphere. Be it soundtrack music from fantasy films or modern celtic music you can find on youtube, there are many tunes that focus on this kind of style and fits well to any fairy scene in rpg sessions or fantasy literature.

Here is one of my all time favourite celtic music collections with focus on fae:

Celestial Aeon Project is one of the best fantasy music projects you can find these days and I definitely can recommend checking out the channel! Especially if you enjoy fantasy music in general and are a fan of such artists as Adrian von Ziegler or Brunuhville. You can’t go wrong with Celestial!

What makes celtic music so special?

Celtic music is one of those genres that can be hard to define. It combines elements from new age, soundtrack music, folk music and traditional music in a way that really is more than the sum of its parts. If you take a listen to David Arkenstone or Clannad, you will hear many influences that come together in a way that really feels natural and beautiful. Or for a more modern take, Adrian von Ziegler focuses on atmosphere and nordic influences, Brunuhville manages to focus on emotion and soundtrack side of things and so on.

Celestial Aeon Project is one my all time favourites because the way it combines different elements together just works for me so well. It never feels out of place or too much. There is always that sweet balance between different styles. For example this Celtic Gate collection manages to really describe what I mean:

Isn’t that just perfect combination? What are your favourite celtic music / fantasy music artists / videos?

Rpg forest ambience – Elven woods

One of the typical environments or sceneries on role playing game sessions are elven woods – the magical woodland realm of the fae and elves. Ever since reading Lord of the Rings and especially the scenes in Lothlorien I’ve felt that these kinds of places where the eternal elves live and turn the mundane woods into something far more beautiful and inspiring have become my favourite “fictional places”. Hence it has been natural for me to also think, what music would feel fitting and what music would manage to enhance that feeling of being there, in the magical woods walking and singing and dancing with the magical beings that are elves? And one of the best options I’ve run into come once again from Celestial Aeon Project – one of the best celtic music projects I’ve ever run into and a project that manages to take the fantasy music genre and truly make it work in so many ways. Take a listen to this collection:

Works so well don’t you think? If you like such artists as Adrian von Ziegler, Brunuhville and Peter Crowley and are sometimes wondering what artists might offer similar sound and atmosphere, I definitely recommend checking out Celestial Aeon Project’s youtube channel! You won’t be disappointed!